Direct Access

Did You Know That YOU Can Get Physical Therapy Without a Prescription?


Studies show, that more than 75% of people did NOT know that they can see a physical therapist without first going to a medical doctor! When a patient comes to see a physical therapist as a first course of action for a musculoskeletal issue, this is known as "Direct Access". Anyone can walk into a physical therapy office and receive treatment without a prescription or referral from their primary doctor, and it is covered by insurance.

By having "Direct Access" to our team of physical therapists, patients eliminate wasted time waiting for referrals, as well as, those out-of-pocket expenses for a visit to a primary care physician or orthopedist. This will allow the patient to get back on the road to recovery starting on day 1.

"Direct Access": Direct Access Physical Therapy Laws state that anyone can see a physical therapist without getting a referral or prescription from a physician.

Cost-Effectiveness and Faster Recovery
The change in healthcare reform aims to provide affordable and accessible care to people for a healthier and happier society. A study from Georgetown and John's Hopkin's University found that the total paid claims averaged $2,236 for "physician referral" episodes of PT, as compared to $1,004 for "direct access" episodes of PT. The same study also revealed that the physician referral episodes were 65% longer in duration, than PT direct access episodes. A similar study from the Journal of Health Services and Research reviewed 62,707 episodes of physical therapy and found that direct access to physical therapy produced 27% fewer visits and lower average costs. Studies published in Military Medicine show that having direct access to physical therapy created a 50% higher rate of return –to-duty (similar to return to work).

The Rules Governing Direct Access in New York

  • The PT must ensure that the services provided are medically necessary
  • The PT must rely on their evaluation and clinical decision-making skills to identify patients who might not be a physical therapy candidate (differential diagnosis)
  • The PT must produce documentation that supports their clinical diagnosis and is aligned with the professional standards of care
  • The PT must make referrals to other physician specialists to assist diagnosis and treatment as appropriate
  • The PT plan of care must be certified by a physician within 30 days of the initial therapy visit
  • Recertification of the plan of care is required if the patient's condition changes, long-term goals change or if the care continues past 90 days from the initial therapy visit

Most Insurance Plans cover physical therapy through Direct Access, with the exception of Workman's Comp (WC) and Motor Vehicle (MVA).

Save Time & Money: Get Better, Faster.

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"Direct Access": means that anyone can see a physical therapist without getting a referral or prescription from a physician.

It took a lot of expense and effort on the part of physical therapists and physical therapy advocates throughout the U.S., and 25 years, to finally get consumers (like you) to have "Direct Access" to physical therapy services. So we're truly grateful you are reading this information right now and we hope you share it with everyone you know!

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